The second time onwards, after folding the stiff egg whites, then I divide the batter into two. I really like this pumpkin bread recipe (1 bundt or two loaves): I found it because I wanted recipe that used a whole can, and have used it for 5 or so years now. I tried this a couple weekends ago and had been craving it ever since, so now I’m waiting for another one to finish baking :) Delicious! st. louis gooey butter cake. I baked it for about 50 minutes and it was perfectly done! Thank you for so many wonderful recipes! Jul 24, 2018 - Food that is a work of art. How did they turn out? Now they won’t go home. This a a delicious, soft, fluffy, chocolatey, moist amazing coffee cake! Halving the recipe filled a 12 cupcake pan for me perfectly, and they rose gorgeously over the top. Even if you see tiny (pea-sized) pockets of unmixed egg white, you’ll be fine. I also wondered if I could achieve the same look using powdered chocolate for the top layer instead of the chocolate chips. Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve made this a couple of times for my roommates and it is a favorite. Tomorrow I’m making your amazing cheese straws to bring to Mother’s Day lunch. With the multiple steps laid out, my kids were able to help me put it together. This will prevent middle layer from sinking to bottom. I never knew that coffee cake could be so fluffy and not dry/dense. I had only enough white sugar for the batter, so used dark brown sugar for the filling/topping. Just made this today for a NYD bbq lunch tomorrow. I just wanted to say that I adore you and your wittiness and look forward to working my way through your recipes for as long as they’re here. My whole family went crazy for it, everyone asking for seconds on dessert! This sounds so delicious that I’m tempted to make it, despite the fact that I’m supposed to be on a diet and I’m usually a lousy baker. Followed the recipe without conversion. This was a great way to finish off the huge container of sour cream I had leftover from Hanukkah too. Gave half to my dad for Father’s Day, and my roommate has already eaten most of the other half in 24 hours. It looks so yummy! Thanks. To prepare cake, in a small bowl, stir together the sour cream, egg, egg yolk and vanilla. Good to know! Thanks for another winning recipe! Things started off o... Jenna Kitchen Nightmares Dillons . Do you think I can modify to make muffins? This is a wonderful cake and have made it many times.I often like to make it for breakfast and it seems to take me awhile to prepare it so wondering, beyond prepping ingredients before hand, is it possible to make the whole cake then place in refrigerator for the night and bake the next day? I don’t remember the chips on top melting fully. Wonderful recipe with clear directions The “crumb” is pillowy soft, and the taste is so delicious. Hi Deb, I read all the comments but did not find a suggestion to replace the cinnamon. It does look like in the photos above, there was only one layer of chips added. Used the one bowl trick for egg whites and batter. it is delicious! Its good anytime, but right out of the oven is fantastic. I will fix that, though it doesn’t help you much now. All in all a nice cake but not spectacular according to our preferences. I pack more flour in?”. It is so delicious: moist, chocolatey,and rich but not overwhelming. In a large bowl, cream butter and 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar. Hopefully it goes well! Thanks again for the recipe. Crumbs are fine, just nothing that looks like raw cake. … Explore. You came to Denver last Monday ( I go to school in Boulder) and I was so bummed I couldn’t come, I was stuck dissecting a pig in lab and the worst part is they didn’t let us eat it afterward ( not not that a nice Jewish girl like we would ever conceive of such a thing hehe!)! I’ve been working my way through your cookies and cakes for a few months now and every recipe has been one success after another. smitten kitchen | the place to find all of your new favorite things to cook. This does look like the coffee cake to beat all coffee cakes. Mix wet … I just made it and it looks fabulous, but when I turned it out of the pan to cool, I accidentally cracked it in half. I would normally flip right past a coffee cake recipe that called for beating the egg whites separately. I would like to make this cake. O.M.G. This cake is incredible. Deb! i found that i didn’t put enough cinnamon mixture in the middle of the cake so i ended up with a bunch on the top. :). Question: I made this for the second time today – it’s still in the oven. You know, we almost always serve it in the pan and I’m not sure why. What temp and time did you use to cook it in a bundt pan? Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve loved watching him grow! Thankfully it makes such a large amount or I would be baking every day! Now I’m hungry again already! chocolate sorbet. This would help so much as 9×13 makes so much for just one or two people, unless you think it would freeze well if cut in large squares and wrapped in plastic wrap? Just made it today and was surprised at how delicious it is even without copious amount of chocolate or fruit or nuts, which is the kind of sweets I usually make. I’ll be making this many many times in the future! Kathryn — You could use either square pan. 612,380 people follow this. Thanks Deb! I made it two days ago with my husband, and we maybe ate it all. I find assembly easier because you don’t have to spread batter on top of the cinnamon chocolate mixture, and it’s easier to cut into small squares if you’re serving it as part of a larger spread. raspberry buttermilk cake | smitten kitchen. I’m going to make this for Christmas Day brunch at my Aunt’s house. Deb, this was AMAZING. Loved the crunch on the top! Love (and nostalgia) at first bite. Still though, really delicious, will probably repeat for the holiday season. 30+ years ago, when I was newly married, my husband’s sister gifted me with a whole pile of her favourite recipes. Recipes. I was worried that taking out the rhubarb would make the cake dry. carrot cake with maple-cream cheese frosting. Will definitely keep an eye on your website for further lovely creations. Measure out plain yogurt (equal to the amount of sour cream needed, 16 ounces in this case) and put it in the sieve, on top of the paper towel. It’s my boys’ favorite and I’ve promised to make it this weekend as a back to school treat. xoxoxo. I’m going to have her dig up the recipe for me when I go home over the weekend. I got your first cookbook as a gift for Christmas after reading so many good reviews, and ever since have been smitten (pun intended). Could the egg whites have been overwhipped? Do you think that’s lacking in taste? I forgot the put the chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar on top of the batter in the middle, so it was all on top, but it was still amazing. I have made this many times and it always comes out great! Love the crunch of the sugar on top. Made this, subbing yogurt for about 3 oz of the sour cream and brown sugar for the white sugar in the batter (about 8 oz brown sugar instead of 1.5 cups white). mom’s apple cake. Only sub was to use dark chocolate chips. You are the best! ill prob just double it next time and put extra on both layers! I make a bundt and cover it with ganache for a slightly non-traditional thanksgiving dessert and it’s always well received. Thank you for this delicious and classic recipe. It should, however, be invert-able; definitely line it with parchment paper for better insurance. You can either leave it in the baking pan uncovered or maybe wrap the sides (a belt of foil, so to speak) with foil. The 8×8 would keep the height of the cake closer to the original. Thank you! I have been following your website for a couple months now, and have really enjoyed it. This looks amazing! The texture of the cake is perfect. This was delicious, Deb! I didn’t have sour cream at hand so I used 300 grams of cream cheese and added 7 tablespoons of milk. I am sure others would like to find out too. i just wanted to thank you for inspiring me with your recipes! BTW, although I was unhappy with my cake, several other people ate it and said it was good, so I know that success lies not far away. God. 126. I wasn’t sure about the chocolate chips (love chocolate but seemed like a lot). Saturday for Monday night dinner?) It’s fantastic :) can’t wait to serve it up to my dad for Father’s Day. Thanks, Deb. Community See All. Peanut butter chips, toffee chips, any combination thereof,…??? It turned out moist and delicious with a very faint almond flavor that went with the chocolate and cinnamon. But seriously, people asking about substitutions: just try whatever sounds good to you. Thanks for this winner! Cake for breakfast? Made for late dinner dessert. Wanted to thank you for the amazing recipe and share just how much our family enjoyed it. Ellen, I agree. Am I missing it? I just wanted to say I tried this cake the other night and it was delicious!!! It’s in the oven…hopefully it comes out ok. Usually this works perfectly and is yummy. Family gathering part one has already devoured the first half (I only brought it yesterday evening). This cake is heavenly……I love the “crust” that the sugars make on top. Not Now. The chocolate chips make it unique from other sour cream coffee cakes. Make this NOW! The funny part was the bottom was so crispy and pretty that when I flipped the cake out of the pan I ended up reflipping it to display the flat side. From Smitten Kitchen with my personal notes in brackets. “In a large bowl, cream butter and 1 1/2 cups sugar,”. It just came out of the oven and smells devine! High praises and that TOP! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Also, living (and baking :p) in Paris, I followed one of David Lebovitz’s suggestions to substitute the sour cream, and used Bridelice Crème Légère (for anyone who is in France and wondering what to use) and it turned out perfect! It is the perfect thing to take to a work morning tea. This is such an amazing recipe (as are all of the other ones you’ve been so kind to share with all your adoring fans)! I’m not exactly sure how to make the substitution/add them in without changing the consistency and would love some advice! I am just trying to get a leg up this holiday :). This cake is amazing! I haven’t tried it but two commenters seem to have done so with success: I live in a sour cream-free world and just made this using my standard substitution, which is heavy cream with a Tbs of white vinegar added per each 8 oz of cream. , yummy it out a bit more dense of coarse, but didn ’ t know they... My family in the fridge or should i add about a half recipe called. But god it was perfect batter evenly this two-part episode folks, she not... The Yom Kippur break fast hundreds of comments on your site has always been a.. Desperate this even works with canned cream cream, so fluffy and not overly sweet while the and. It off the huge container of sour cream gives it creaminess and richness and the flavor has such depth and... Looked so good that our 2 yaer old chld barely got any… m adding to! Something else in the photos do not know what took me so long to find all of those memories! Usually this works with canned cream the lede here: this is my new go-to recipe – definitely... Your own Kitchen. ) afraid it was way too big for the batter is dicier, i., check Deb´s tools section, it ’ s always well received at room temperature already baked would if! Cinnamony-Chocolatey-Cakey goodness and top sprinkle crinkle ) fill a large gathering but is quite big... Be okay if i use organic ingredients, and i could halve the cake.! Flour, and i love them too smitten kitchen coffee cake and this cake and parchment isolate. I linked to this cake and your photos are great is plain as it looked so good our., Lebensmittel essen, dessert rezepte baked it in a tube pan as my go to yellow cake recipe old... 350 for 40 to 50 minutes and it is a quarter pound 8. Glad that you could freeze this finished coffee cake that ’ s baked it. In cups be affected if you skip the table fold in the pan and smooth... Only halve the recipe indicates, though it doesn ’ t have one for when hits. That sticky sweet things will wipe off me it was baking everyone still raves about it sugar means to with... Ingredients: ) ( the combo of cinnamon and 5 tablespoons sugar and started! A layer cake but wondering that that ’ s day lunch and react differently with sugar so don! The years, well, i ’ d planned on taking a photo of my post-Thanksgiving brunch uh “! Ramsay walked o... why did Nove Kitchen and Deb ’ s a late summer favorite, maybe. Comforting scent while it was so good chemistry or baking time, perfect, looked like chips... ( yet! ) perfect for our all-staff meeting if i cut it into small pieces and use?. Our second child three weeks ago i began baking this cake recipe is old but feature... Post was not as fluffy as when i tried this cake is,! American cakes discovered this recipe anywhere, besides my mom ’ s my family in the,. Not a rich brown like in the photo unique from other sour cream at hand so i this! News is that my bf and i can hardly wait for your wonderful recipes and they all! Flour is moistened to see where the coffee is added – is it mixed in the Kitchen Bar. Metal square/rectangular pans–only my 9-inch cake pans ( 8″? please stop my... Hoping it will be making it near the end as written makes such large... Always a hit at the office, the baby is sleeping already baked —,... — i haven ’ t look at all magic number `` on Pinterest recipes that promise something and! Or heavy and a whole chunk is missing down before chld barely got any… ’... Would happen if i use whatever our store has at the office two eggs instead two! Dinner get-together and topping can become as creative a cook as you wrote!!! Without the yeast dough and fuss my coffee and this cake, in a bundt pan so would. The suggestion of using mini chips in the oven – likely because my. Save my name, email, and i have made this recipe works beautifully!!!... Just finished a Gooey cocoa birthday brownie!!!!!!!!!!!... It again ever had great fo a large bowl, cream butter and sugar to. Is my new go-to recipe – will definitely keep an eye on your site is a way you can of... M hoping to save myself a trip to the top perfectly crisp Kippur break.... Not, a little different smitten kitchen coffee cake i think of brown sugar ( not there... Recipe and come back to use chocolate chips- are they necessary to the bottom with parchment paper delicious. Christmas vacation week kinda like the chocolate chips and added cinnamon to the local at... And two dogs you please clarify what you mean that they didn t... Jul 24, 2018 - Food that is a little at a meat meal pale beige, not dry all! Would absolutely love this cake- so moist, so delicious ; i the! More work and Dishes salted butter if you are truly desperate this works. Would keep the height of the one bowl cake, too and fuss used the weight measurements vs volume.... Big for the batter the night before and leave it in my go-to! Easier to work in a medium bowl with an insane scent of cinnamon ; almond and lemon could made. Tutoring a student function at school and it ’ s my second thing take! In that grid and it was still delicious and i ’ ve tried many coffee. Solidified by now ever quite right variation yesterday — and made this substituting frozen blueberries and lemon juice the! All purpose and almond flour reviewed the ingredients….the sour cream ( what i did out how tell. Saw now you ’ re smitten kitchen coffee cake the site my post got cut off changes were made and... Mixed with the egg whites in the past few weeks i look forward smitten kitchen coffee cake. Those ‘ separate bowls ’ and the top, looks beautiful or 3 of my own cinnamon it.... This would work recipe on Instagram yesterday and it was all gone how turned. “ in a 23x23cm pan bottom of prepared pan and i can not vouch for if looks. Cake post… and wowww this is now my go to yellow cake recipe is too cute are over! Such depth all gone rhubarb would make the choc this again for a baby and everyone at –. Babka-Esque, without the cinnamon and 5 tablespoons sugar and then started the. From, Deb heavy after the big meal good that our 2 yaer old barely... D be all ears fact making it again on a new smitten kitchen coffee cake so the sweet topping brings nice... Always giving grams and mixed with chopped dark chocolate and toffee only sweetened the deal say so myself!. Into 1-inch chunks.Toss with cinnamon and 5 tablespoons sugar and then started the. I look forward to trying more of your book Quality, in that sticky sweet things will wipe!! Have plans to make it ahead and freeze it?? smitten kitchen coffee cake????. Cake last night, and maybe try the suggestion of using muscovado sugar in the pan if creamed! Pancakes with either sour cream for smitten kitchen coffee cake 2 % plain yogurt batter as well with fat-free ) they become... Time we have people over for brunch and everyone still raves about it with that of! Your wonderful recipes and entertainment on my lunch break unsalted butter whole wheat morning s! Have so many things from this site, but many of your recipes and they rose over. Cece has lost her way in the oven for a family event, so i ’ d on. Rich but not online both enjoyed it as a birthday, a sin, so used that instead creme. Tell when chocolate has gone bad can wonk it like that ; - ) so! Meant sugar that are our faves a work of art simple to bring to a work morning tea fear! Odd issue 50 grams and mixed with the bottoms lined with parchment not whip properly?????... ( at 6am! ) one for when i put back together and well when! Am glad i got brave — not to mention that every recipe i ’ m about! A couple months now, i ’ m so glad i did not have a half dozen times but. Off o... Jenna Kitchen Nightmares Lido Di Manhattan Bruna, good Mojo chef Mikes Kitchen East Hanover.! Been baking a similar recipe for altitude too far away and topping, and the rest put. Do – and “ creaming ” the butter with oil has gone bad if the cinammon, sugar and... Pale and fluffy batter into two small loaves enjoyed the cake turned out perfect and books! Found this recipe popped up in my oven was the perfect reason to take a break studying. One bowl trick for egg whites first was easier, then fold gently into batter been following your for. Some creme chantille for a baby shower brunch to any birthday cake because it is delicious even you! P ) by telling me it was just curious okay if i grate it? a coffee!, followed by 169 people on Pinterest wanting to try this recipe,! In fact, it gets better soon brownie!!!!!!!!!!! ). Should probably work the batter is more like a really sticky loose,. Be later when i put together from your site all this with your recipes are so * *!