The results of our analysis are clear. Blaming someone else actually gives the “child” permission to repeat their poor choices and allows us as parents to absolve ourselves of the responsibility of nurturing their soul. I just wish that he … Defining the value of a school education in terms of tertiary performance and employment outcomes ignores the fact that there are many other less utilitarian reasons why parents might choose a Catholic or independent school. Contrary to the impression that parents choosing Catholic and independent schools are wrong to expect strong outcomes for their children, it’s clear that there is a good deal of research supporting the belief that the impact of such schools is beneficial. Our kids are watching and learning from us – good, bad and ugly. At primary school, between years three and five, students at independent schools make similar rates of progress as students at government schools, while students at … Of the non-government schools, nearly two-thirds were Catholic schools. CONTINUED, Tagged as: Bang for buck There are plenty of public schools that rank high in whatever areas of achievement matter to you, including academic scores and tertiary entrance, arts, sport, and community participation. American education academic Francis Vella reached a similar conclusion in a 1999 paper. We know kids who are promiscuous, dress and act in a vulgar and disrespectful manner, indulge in controlled substances and end up in trouble with the law or the community. Public vs private school: it’s a major choice for many Australian parents. While, as cited by Barbara Preston, there are a number of English studies concluding that state school students, compared to non-government school students, achieve stronger tertiary results, the research is not all in agreement. children, Arguably, such comparisons are crude, but until more data becomes available there is little basis for debate. I am a primary school teacher and have taught at both public and catholic primary schools. Catholic schools thrashed public schools.It wasn't close. Of course all of this happens in the public schools as well but no one really expects otherwise there.One of my good friends, “Sam”, was devastated because his daughter made poor choices and he was blamed by other parents because she was a bad influence on their kids. In the situation with Sam’s daughter, whatever happened to letting our own kids take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming another kid? In 2017, there were just under 282,000 teachers in Australian primary and secondary schools. While no school is perfect, & we are always striving to better our schools for the benefit of students, I do think that there is often a misconception that public schools, & in particular, public high schools are less than ideal. New analysis shows public schools have similar, or even better, ... schools and 80% or more for Catholic schools. But our analysis of MySchool data and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results between 2014 and 2018 shows public schools have similar, or even better, VCE results than private schools with similar rankings of socioeconomic status. Public school. Our children’s souls are entrusted to us parents – not the schools or the government. discipline, Fifty years later, the Catholic school system educates about 20 per cent of children at all levels and other private schools have 14 per cent of students, with the rest in public schools. English and Maths are rated with 5 grades while the overall academic performance has 3 rating scales for you to choose. There are 10,584 registered schools operating in Australia in 2019 of which 7,092 were government schools. By expecting no accountability from them, we ourselves display a total lack of responsibility and accountability. One almost fifteen year old girl was given permission by her parents to “date” and “kiss and mild making out – but no further”. Returns on investment catholic school, Both school systems, Catholic and Public, are provincial (government) schools in Ontario. Catholic and independent schools don’t have to provide that kind of information, and that gives them in a sense a marketing advantage. The media faulted his security for allowing phones and cameras – actually calling it “Hollywood 101”. The report, commissioned by the Foundation for Young Australians in 2009, concluded: Those students who attend a Catholic school are 1.7 times less likely to report experiences of racism than students attending government schools. There are over 1,700 Catholic schools in Australia with more than 750,000 students enrolled, employing almost 60,000 teachers. *top figure includes higher tuition and/or higher extracurricular . Since Catholic schools are often smaller than their public counterparts, there is often a better student-to-teacher ratio. York, York, Helping your child with contamination related concerns The Conversation UK receives funding from these organisations. All rights reserved. The faith-based nature of many non-government schools; that most have extensive co-curricula activities such as Saturday sport; and that such schools have a school culture that parents support are also important considerations. She analyzes the importance of presenting the best image of ourselves and passionately insists that it starts within. If we lack accountability and discipline, can we expect it of them? Portsmouth, Hampshire, Queer New York “Due to higher salaries and better benefits packages, teachers gravitate toward public schools,” says Dynarski. Faith schools in England are academically "little or no better than any other schools", and pushing for their expansion is unlikely to boost social mobility, an education think tank has warned. Senior Research Fellow - School of Education, Australian Catholic University. The percentage of new teachers (less than four years of teaching experience) is higher in private schools at 16 percent, compared with public schools at 11 percent. Marisa Pereira is a mother, fashion designer, currently runs a Design and Image Consulting business in Atlanta, GA, is a freelance writer and volunteers at her church and in the community. 39/13 investigating the impact of Catholic schooling on wages concluded: … during the prime time of a career, wage rates for Catholic school graduates progress with labour market experience at a greater rate, on average, than wage rates for public school graduates. Catholic school students started school in approximately the 61 st to 63 rd percentile for reading and math, respectively, while public school students started school in … Are religion and academics mutually exclusive?Well, my daughter ended up in the public system and it couldn’t have worked out better for both of us. ... students across Australia. One possible explanation for lower Catholic school achievement is that Catholic school teachers typically make less than public teachers. Choose the school that works for you, by all means, but don't write off public schools as not being good enough. A second Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) report investigating volunteering as an essential aspect of active citizenship stated: Students at government schools did less volunteering (in frequency and hours) than students in either Catholic or independent schools. This Christmas, Let Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph Lead You. In addition, there are differences with university, the schools, the subjects studied and gender. As of 2019, government schools educated 65.4% of all students. gift from God, Parenting, If we treat others poorly, can we expect Christian Charity from them? So not only did he suffer the huge let down by his daughter but he also suffered alienation and verbal attacks from other “Catholic Moms”! St John Neumann Church, The findings into the largest longitudinal study of 4000 private primary and public school students in Australian ... either Catholic or independent primary schools. Australian research comparing the incidence of racism in Catholic and government schools also concludes that religious schools are beneficial. 3) He thinks they will get a better education through Catholic schools than with Public. Having lived in multiple countries, she is acutely aware of the emphasis cultures place on visual appeal. We find only very modest differences in student growth among sectors. Can we expect them to follow our words NOT our actions? Best of Blogs, Often however, they promote a secular thought process (think Georgetown, Notre Dame). behavior, For many parents it’s a time of stress – wondering if we’re doing all we can to ensure the best education for our kids future. The area we live in is pretty conservative and on occasions that I have thought there may be some discussions contrary to our faith; I have withheld permission for her to participate. I went to public school and don't feel like my education was that terrible. Results showed that Catholic school students had an initial sizable advantage in reading and math scores. Often however, they promote a secular thought process (think Georgetown, Notre Dame). kids, 127:3 – “children are a gift of the Lord…”  On the Day of Judgment, it won’t matter what schools we attended or what schools we sent our kids to. Cody Gray, however, said she does believe private schools are better than public ones. Sure there are negative influences all around but we have to hold them accountable for their choices – especially in high school where they have the capacity to think rationally. — — My conclusion is: NOT NECESSARILY. Either kids have just started a new school year or their first day is right around the corner. Teachers can tailor their lessons to their class more effectively and offer more one-on-one support. 2.7 21.4 21.7 20.6 8.2 4.8 The study, published in the Journal of Urban Economics, was done by Michigan State University's Todd Elder and University College Dublin's Christopher Jepsen. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by this DISCLAIMER.. Public schools are much more publicly accountable. Ps. A 2013 research paper by the Higher Education Funding Council for England concluded that students from independent schools outperform students from government schools in terms of: The sector-adjusted averages, like the raw data, show that a greater percentage of students from independent schools can be expected to achieve each of the four outcomes than those from state schools. The research also confirms the middle ground held by the Catholic ... with wealthier states far more likely to enjoy a better social mix in their schools. Also, the smaller class and school size can help foster a more tight-knit community. There is also a considerable amount of research suggesting that non-government schools, compared to many government schools, achieve stronger educational outcomes in areas like completion rates, academic results, success at the tertiary level and promoting social cohesion. We will however be accountable for the gift of life that was entrusted to us. 3) He thinks they will get a better education through Catholic schools than with Public. This begs the question: Are Catholic Schools really better for our kids? | R. Jared Staudt, PhD, The Lost Riches of Catholic Catechisms with Aaron Seng of Tradivox, The Catholic Faith in Public Life After the 2020 Election with Derek Rotty. Exploring the psychology of veganism vs. non-veganism: Implications for climate change and the human-animal Relationship In a 2010 paper, University of Melbourne researcher Gary Marks concluded that: … attendance at a Catholic or independent school significantly increased the odds of university participation, net of socio-economic background and prior achievement. One of the criticisms often directed at non-government schools is that they undermine a commitment to the common good and lead to social fragmentation. Australian Catholic University provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. The 2013 Melbourne Institute Working Paper Series No. Not all of us have the means or opportunity to choose which school we send our kids to. It seems a logical progression to me. It says that the advantage that Catholic schools once held over government schools has virtually disappeared and attendance at Catholic schools may now lead to lower completion rates in secondary school and university. How does Better Education Australia rank schools? I wanted her to attend Catholic school because I had. The main purpose of Catholic schools is to form students in Catholic faith, morality and social values. Before you jump off the cliff accusing me of suggesting Catholic Schools are not GOOD for our kids, note that I am suggesting that IF we as parents, abdicate our role as CATHOLIC parents, it doesn’t make a difference WHERE our kids attend school – the outcome will probably be negative. They are governed and managed on a regional basis by an area school board. Birmingham, Warwickshire, Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited, Exploring the psychology of veganism vs. non-veganism: Implications for climate change and the human-animal Relationship, Helping your child with contamination related concerns, The Large Hadron Collider and the Hidden Universe, 2013 Melbourne Institute Working Paper Series. [p.237] The study noted that the decline in performance in Independent and Catholic schools occurred despite substantial increases in government funding over the period. However, IF we as Catholic Parents, take our role seriously, it really doesn’t matter where our kids attend school – the outcome will probably be positive. Her websites are: and She is now in High School and has to date, thrived academically while still keeping on her Christian/Catholic moral track (and of course periodically testing the boundaries!) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, YorkTalks 2021 I went to a public primary school, and a catholic secondary school. disrespect, dating, — The kids implicated already have their parents’ blessing (and $$) to dress and act in a provocative manner so I am confused as to why their parents are shocked at their choices. Where private schools once generated better outcomes than public schools, given the compositions of their student bodies, this was not the case after 2003. In a 2004 paper, British education academic Alan Smithers argued: However, the difference is small and is not consistent. Independent private schools had a higher average TER than Catholic private schools, which in turn had a higher average TER than public schools. Prince Harry, However when, true to myself, I questioned the curriculum, I was told “If you’re concerned about academics, you should look into Westminster or Woodward Academy.” Of course I was concerned about academics! Benefits. Two recent pieces published on The Conversation (by Barbara Preston and Jennifer Chesters) argue that parents might be wasting their money paying for a non-government school education. I just wish that he … I have a few other reasons but mainly I just feel like I do not know enough about it to make a decision. teens. The study notes that in 2008, private elementary school teachers had an average salary of $35,730 compared to $51,660 in public schools – a 45 percent difference that may make it difficult for Catholic schools to attract quality teachers. They contend that government school students do better at university ... than wage rates for public school graduates. Once again, the evidence is far from consistent. So, is private schooling a better choice for your child or is the public school system just as good? I remember when my daughter was getting ready to start kindergarten. She holds a BA in Fashion Design and a BA in French with a minor in Psychology and has worked in the Fashion Industry for over twenty years. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, The Large Hadron Collider and the Hidden Universe A new study shows that Catholic primary schools are no better -- and arguably worse -- than public primary schools, contrary to popular belief. How Can Beauty & Culture Save the World? They contend that government school students do better at university and, especially when compared to students from independent schools, have similar labour market outcomes. Our society today actually expects and helps us do this. We parents may enroll our kids in the best schools that money can buy but when we abdicate our parental duties of guidance, supervision and discipline we actually participate in their harm. Kevin Donnelly does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Contrary to the argument that independent school students have a higher drop out rate compared to government school students, Marks also argued in 2007 that: … students who had attended an independent school were no less likely to complete their course than students who had attended a government school. If we ignore and condone their poor choices, can we expect them NOT to fail? I have unfortunately had to keep her at a distance from some kids in our social circle who are in the Catholic School system. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Frustrated at her inability to find appropriate church clothes for her 14 year old daughter, she heeded God’s call, and created the stylish but modest, Michaela-Noel clothing collection, now available on-line. These same parents were afraid to leave her alone…??? In relation to tertiary studies, the first thing to note is that non-government school students, on average and even after adjusting for socioeconomic status (SES), are more successful at gaining entry as they achieve stronger Year 12 results compared to many government school students. better than 70% of all students eligible for a TER that year. public school, If we are loud and overindulgent can we expect them to act with reserve and prudence? And these public schools achieve the results with far less funding per student. One incident involved underage drinking in a public location and lying to their parents. It is easy to point the finger elsewhere isn’t it? With connections to the local community, due to the ‘feeder area’ nature of admissions, and a significantly reduced cost commitment, public schools have a lot to offer. Administrative oversight of Catholic education providers varies depending on the origins, ethos, and purpose of each education provider. — © Copyright 2020 Catholic Exchange. "In 2011," says the Department of Education in a report on the NAEP tests, "the average reading score for eighth-graders attending public schools was 19 points lower than the overall score for students attending private schools,and 20 points lower than for students attending Catholic schools specifically. The main purpose of Catholic schools is to form students in Catholic faith, morality and social values. Catholic schools get less government funding than the public schools so they need to charge higher fees to cover costs of providing the same if not higher standards than public schools. accountability, Across all categories of faith school examined, the proportion of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths at Key Stage 2 was equal to or higher than the equivalent figure for non-faith schools, with 83 per cent of pupils in Church of England schools and 85 per cent in Roman Catholic schools reaching this benchmark, compared with 81 per cent in non-faith schools. — We parents may enroll our kids in the best schools that money can buy but when we abdicate our parental duties of guidance, supervision and discipline we actually participate in their harm. Public School Pros And Cons. I went to public school and don't feel like my education was that terrible. I have a few other reasons but mainly I just feel like I do not know enough about it to make a decision. Public schooling has served millions of Australians over the years, and for many parents, it is exactly what they want for their children. Honestly, I am rather pleased with the system she is in. The LSAY report also cited US research showing that compared to government school students, Catholic school students are more likely to volunteer to perform community service. Research carried out by the Canadian-based Cardus think-tank also concludes that students from faith-based schools contribute in a positive way to social stability and social cohesion. The following table lists the 2019 top secondary schools in Australia. A few days ago we all heard of Prince Harry making a fool of himself running around in the buff with strangers. She regularly addresses adult and youth audiences – encouraging and teaching them to make a memorable first impact but more importantly - to create a lasting impression. One of the Australian studies shows that the Catholic school performance has declined since 1980 relative to government schools. Can we really give someone a ticking time bomb and not expect destruction? They also offer fantastic opportunities for all round development to all students.