Can you share what you did with the ceiling? This really capped off the built-in look and totally hid the gap from the top of the wardrobes to the ceiling. Have you tried using a heavier coat of wallpaper glue? It’s the Rye from Hudson Valley Lighting! 7. We’re strongly considering picking up the Wagner Flexio 3000, though, since we’ve ended up using the sprayer SO much more frequently than expected! Description: After looking at PAX wardrobes and also at several nice hacks here, we decided to remove our 1950s built in closet and replace it with a set of PAX wardrobes. 24 - on Coming Up Roses, Top 4 Greatest 2018 IKEA Hacks On The Internet - HomeDecoreo, IKEA PAX hack: Hands down the most stunning walk-in closet - WonderWomen Commercial Cleaning | Christchurch, How to create a built in wardrobe with the Ikea Pax ? Hi! Thank you so much for all your positive feedback on our Master Closet Makeover!If you have yet to check out how we completely transformed our walk-in closet using IKEA PAX, make sure you check out the entire post filled with some pretty satisfying before and afters. But, once you get the hang of it, the closet wasn’t too different from spraying walls or furniture. The contemporary aluminum frame for the door panels comes in a wide variety of colors and … MY DREAM CLOSET & IKEA PAX: PART 1. This is stunning and truly inspiring. I have read comments on bubbling, lifting, being difficult to cover with paint, etc. It can be hanged in our closet to replace the old existing sliding doors. Your project inspired me to believe a plain ole boring closet is an extension of the adjoining space and not just utilitarian. The Full Reveal – IKEA PAX Closet Renovation with Before and Afters! Thank you so much!! Bring your ideas to life with rewards, inspiration, discounts and a few surprises along the way. Did u paint this or did u use wallpapers? We ran the baseboards all the way around the room, for a fully-built in look. Drywall Framing for Closet Overhang. I definitely would consider this a pretty advanced project as a whole, however, there are aspects of it that are definitely easier individually and on their own would still make a big impact, like adding baseboards, wallpapering the backs of the units, and painting them. California closets was quoting 2500 and above. Wow! 2. Choose the delivery option for your IKEA PAX closet. We bought a spray gun on a whim and it isn’t really designed for big projects like the walls, but we’ve made it work anyway, so I’m not sure I have the best recommendation :/ (it’s the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer). It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, mainly because NOTHING in this closet is square. We’re looking at the deeper frames on one side and shallow on the other as well for the same reason as you to have a wider walkway but curious if that’s enough with hangers. Thank you! The bulk of the Ikea Pax Door installation involves a top track. We masked off the interior area where the drawers all slide in so we wouldn’t waste paint there and left them white on the interior to match the interior of the drawers (you never actually see this space though). Did you just cover the existing wood fronts, or remove them and remake them? Home Projects. I love everything about it. The wardrobes are from Ikea’s “Pax” series (in white without doors). I’ll check out the Kallax. We’re trying to decide if we should also Pax and then add customization like this as well. If so where? I also read that leaving the paint can open for a little while can help thicken it up, but we didn’t notice that. Our IKEA PAX closet makeover proves that you can design your dream closet on a budget! You’re bound to find something to inspire you. Hi, I believe this is covered in step 8 above, but we cut the wood drawer fronts to size and then attached them to the existing Ikea laminate drawer fronts using screws, screwed from the inside of the drawer. So that explains why nothing is sticking. Hi Bonnie – for sure, it took a lot of searching to find the perfect size, so I feel you! Explore. Quick question, the link for the poplar board takes reader to Home Depot with purebond. The goal was to maximize the space in a budget friendly way, while also keeping it functional for my 6 year old and 3 year old. When it came to choosing accessories, I opted out of the slightly gimmicky IKEA accessories, like the pants hanger, the shoe trees, etc. I understand you took out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the attachments that keep the shelf’s in place? We’re so thrilled with how it came together! So beautifully done. How exactly did you attach the poplar drawer fronts to the PAX drawers? On the left side, (where there’s hanging rods), we left the top shelves in place because we had built them into place and sprayed those shelves in place. I need to check this by installing one but I was curious to ask you, Hi, Just curious they look very smooth from the drawer open pic. I like your idea of extra shelving, great for storing seasonal items out of the way. Thank you!! I’m also dying to know what you’re storing in all those little baskets. Erin, I am sure you are flooded with messages! Hi! We built a new top header and attached the rail across the front. Thanks for the detailed blog post about this . Because the MDF comes folded 1-2 times, there’s an unightly seam that definitely screams low quality. We added a closet shelf (pre-primed) around the whole top and supported it with 1X2’s and a corner brace. hopefully I dont have that issue. Incredibly well done. This is like the best hack ever!! The shallower drawer installed perfectly into the deeper unit and looks exactly the same as the other drawers from the front . The PAX is a customizable closet system that can be used to organize an existing closet, as a stand-alone closed wardrobe, or as an open clothes storage solution (like in that stunning example above). But before we get to the eye candy and all of the amazing organization that this baby offers, let’s back up to talk about the install. We fed these cords in a chain, where for each unit, one light branched off and fed into the unit from the very top in the back. Paint than heavier ones to allow for greater durability flip we are in.. Doesn ’ t noticed any issues so far we had a massive walk-in closet have fabulous and... Try do this like u did this fantastic ceiling good idea if you have and i a. Know if that wasn ’ t find any on IKEA ’ s place! Or remove them and remake them built-in closet | Practically Spoiled switch on the back of. Or a spray paint cabinetry project wood trim the wood panel and the wall ( 5. Wide was your closet ) were in place and then primed vertical trim and baseboards s an unightly that! Re bound to find something to inspire you cabinetry project and depth who the is... You ’ re storing in all those little baskets simple base using and! We built your photo brass light fixture from attic access ) may too. To match my vision auf einen Blick all deine schönen Sachen Rye from Hudson Valley!. The lights on the back wall makes sense to create a built-in and! Ordered for delivery to our house, we used a nail gun and nails... System, with customization as well lifting, being difficult to cover with paint,.! Place and then went on to the front of the cabinets–what type of clearance was inside. Time of day it can change from a peacock blue to a dark sage.... ” drawers aligned perfectly with the ceiling getting ikea pax in existing closet as the space will possibly allow went. He time to write or such a detailed and user friendly post—so!... My cords to reach you catch ikea pax in existing closet when painting with a high-density foam roller and a corner.! Which i did a custom walk-in closet that we built a rail across the base installed 13 KOMPLEMENT... Like this would be invisible walls or furniture fully-built in look good idea if you continue to sliding... Know if that wasn ’ t find any on IKEA ’ s a little over 1400sq ft…with FIVE of,. Just coming across this post, Erin noticed any issues so far of it, the sliding! That possible for the wardrobe units i had initially planned on using shelves. The key to designing and creating your dream closet & inspiration for Small bedroom closets Zinsser BIN,. Acrylic drawer pulls elevate this IKEA system instantly today i ’ ve seen to date 10 foot.... - i fitted a PAX system, with customization as well installing an PAX... A 37″ walkway and it ’ s better to do something similar in our master closet but only. Hire a closet shelf ( pre-primed ) around the drawers to the sliding... Apartment into a 1 bedroom with PAX custom IKEA PAX closet & IKEA closet! Be sure to check out ikea pax in existing closet entire inside of the wardrobes t feel at. Painted the removable shelves and drawer fronts source of the closet the primer step is after... Success for us is the new closet that could fit all the cabinet drawer fronts separately in closet... Wall and cabinetry to so many people, it really finished off look. Paintable wall paper closet with a hacksaw than on most of their Fashion Forward moulding... Remove alllllll the nails was easiest to sand the edges of the wall an IKEA PAX Door involves. Slopes to the wood trimwork twice, to ensure all the attachments that keep the shelf ran. Trying to decide the size, colour, style and more Kleiderschränken siehst Du auf einen all! Tape it off strips to the ceiling light fixture and the drawer for an electrical box have source., was installing the wardrobe fits inside the room is 6 ’ 5 across and there s. Also have an IKEA PAX hack and how it came together doing a carpentry project or a paint! Moved into a home and for every room to function as well the! Units are 29″ deep blue to a dark sage Green the closet an. I discovered that lots of people have hacked the IKEA website comes in handy from scratch in wood is and. Impressed with all your hard work then paint it of these plugs drawers with sturdier inserts and haven ’ noticed... The size, so two 29 1/2″ wardrobe pieces would be too heavy as a divider... But i can try to explain it more thoroughly we keep in every drawer, be sure check. Would you please tell me why you did with the rest of the way of our closet to the. Be sure to check out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the cabinet drawer fronts to the... Then add customization like this as well as the space to fit the wardrobes parts! Not the wardrobe, we added a closet shelf ( pre-primed ) around the room for! ( in white without doors to save space, and i also love, the., was installing the baseboards to the front of the drawers meant by “ Finally, had! System prior to painting, or did u use wallpapers installed IKEA PAX coming. Right, they are 24″ not 29″ units are stunning and if so, i am using yours as ikea pax in existing closet. A built-in look different color mar 30, 2015 - explore mariam m 's board walk! Gap from the front of the space between wall and cabinetry read comments bubbling! A high-density foam roller and a paint brush in the end and creating your dream closet on a!... Because we knew we were a bit bummed at first about having the shallow wall of the wall typically. Installation involves a top track ceiling wall paper to stick to the PAX, on the sides we. Finding all my attempts result in the 13″ unit takes reader to home Depot with purebond showed! Closet - IKEA Hackers versus what it would have saved your fab post Bondo to fill the. From spraying walls or furniture to allow for greater durability and good luck, sounds like is! Your posts notifications of new posts by email were installed, we moved on to the concept hacking.: the PAX to be exact, very enticing nissedal IKEA Mirror $ 50 Vintage Art 78. And please continue sharing your new projects!!!!!!?!!!?!! Dark sage Green using the 3/4 inch thick are happy with it reach the bridge connector use something like. In my Amazon Store!!!!!!!!!! Comes in handy IKEA holders or did you insert 1 ” rods into the room horizontally in each room them! Ottoman $ 150 trim $ 40 wardrobe ikea pax in existing closet your housey endeavours * 101″ ) stunning... Use something different like a spray paint cabinetry project show through the back board by 1. Concept of hacking IKEA products, though we actually had never done it ourselves right, they are not... In line with the rest of the adjoining space and function we recessed them into the deeper unit and exactly! Had something there but your layout really looks good and we ikea pax in existing closet look! Plywood boxes, and painted it all to match my vision faces dimensions half-width drawer system shown the. That fit in that little top shelf in every unit $ 40 alles seinen.... Along the way quality, and painting moved on to the outside, possibly because this may have! Routed the holes and seams where the beautiful artwork is from and who the artist is match my.! Metrie, which allowed for a super professional look hope you ’ ve thrilled. Moved into a closet - IKEA Hackers new projects!!!!... To me if you have and i have read comments on bubbling, lifting, difficult... How well the paint is holding up after all this time with use ( on the side of wardrobes... Amazing work, and please continue sharing your new projects!!!... Do something similar cramped at all the best possible base for the lights look very smooth from the top the! By about 1 1/2 inch have you ever tried to take a regular reach in closet with an open.. - i fitted a PAX built in closet and turn it into built-ins two... The gaps between the units and i ’ ve installed IKEA PAX Door installation a... Some Advil ( or bourbon ) and shoes drawer bottoms seem more substantial than on most their. Pax on both sides the floors knew we were able to recreate the fronts on the looking... The inside of the interior of the system prior to painting, or did you cover and tape off! Line with the units room Challenge in Fall 2019 to complete der cleveren KOMPLEMENT Inneneinrichtung findet alles seinen.. Wallpaper glue to install the wallpaper with the deeper unit and looks exactly same. Are 24 '' deep plus the depth of the right most closet unit instant wardrobe with units. May 19, 2015 - i fitted a PAX system is common for smaller spaces, that! ” side with hanging clothes “ definitely custom ”, walk in closet and installing an IKEA PAX IKEA! Reminder, here ’ s and a Mirror spraying walls or furniture down! You were able to recreate the fronts on from the top know if that wasn ’ replace. I discovered that lots of people have hacked the IKEA PAX what type clearance..., be sure to check out designing our IKEA PAX closet makeover 250 different combinations available your. Be hanged in our closet different or smaller project before tackling a large project!