Mage T8 2P Bonus -- Your Arcane Blast, Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, and Fireball spells have a chance to grant you 350 spell power for 15 sec. Download the client and get started. The Fireball Spell Tome is a random drop in Bleak Falls Barrow and Bloated Man's Grotto. Assume 700 spell damage (hey, we're still leveling), and let's just assume max ranks and some random talent points because, eh, I'm already looking at them in another tab: Fireball: 889 + (1.15 * 700) = 1694 *ice shatters*, 425 mana Scorch: * 5 = 3310, 900 mana, enemy is now taking +15% fire damage WoW is WoW. WoW is WoW. Fire Blast has 2 charges (3 with Flame On talented), and always critically strikes when used. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. If, for example, you're getting a new fireball spell, that's definitely worth the trip. Allow requirements about spell range to be used, the spell in question depends upon the class being played. 1 Arguments 2 Returns 3 Details 3.1 Returns WoW API