And welcome to Reddit! The Meidjo is the best all in one solution in that category for me. The edging power of the first NTN binding was impressive, but snapping tight at the toe of the boot with metal pins only ups the ante. Schon seit der Gründung 1968 steht die Restaurierung, Wartung und Rennvorbereitung von Jaguar-Rennsportwagen im Mittelpunkt. Also, Not sure if you can compare the linx to the outlaw or Axl in terms of power…. The part of the turn equation that you’ll notice most, especially if you’re coming from a binding where the cable connects at the real heel, is how smooth the power transfer is. Spring conditions with sticky snow I also had major problems with boot jack and snow packing into the binding. report. As of this writing the Lynx heel post has yet to be developed. No more Meidjo, only steel from 22Designs . 3. Hope this helps We know what we need in a tele boot to match up to the TTN bindings like Meidjo and Lynx. The Meidjo 2.1 offers nearly as much forward flex as most 75 mm bindings and can accomodate all stances except skiers who want to ski with the knee glued to the ski. The brakes retract and fold in to rest inboard of the edges. Craig Dostie describes the basics of how to use The M-Equipment Meidjo 2.1 NTN Tech Toe Telemark binding. Basically, there is a breakable ‘fuse link’ that if you are caught in an avy, they stretch to the full extent of the coiled leash (approx. Lightweight and bomber 22D quality! So that hole pattern means it may be usable on Telebry release plates for 360 degree DIN release. I just blew out the bellows on my BD Customs after 10 years of faithful service. To my reckoning, Meidjo and Lynx were nearly indistinguishable. Most important that sets them apart is release function is a knee saver, it works. Maybe with a placebo pill I would be more perceptive. Stiffness, fit, durability, etc. Yes I have Meidjo’s TX Pros, Evo WC, Outlaw X, Lynx as well as OG Garmont Excursions, plus three pair of Merrell Doubles. They don’t close with the same resounding snap as an Ion or Vipec, but a close second. So, what makes Lynx any better than Meidjo? There’s also Skeats in a pinch. Used it extensively now. Ski Heil! The cause is a lifestyle, a life-affirming means of self-expression that most wouldn't dare try to comprehend. Thank you Quadzilla for your generous contribution (>$100) in support of this site. Great one of our long time buddy Alex LeBlanc dicing up some morning freshies. How Lynx does that is unique, borrowing some from 22D’s past, with a new spin for the future. Did hear that one binding wouldn’t hold in tour mode – because the plastic used for holding the claw in tour or turn positions was too soft (3D printer plastic – not known for long term durability). In a quick survey of three other Lynx testers at the WWSRA demo at Copper mountain (Jan. 29-20, 2018) they all said the Meidjo was slightly … Telemark Gear Guru, Craig Dostie, takes a first look at the new 22 Designs Lynx telemark tech binding. I fixed it in the field with 2 part epoxy putty & got going again quick. I'm making deeper turns than ever before with the single spring. The bindings are killer, will experiment keeping them on for the transition, but the instructions claim you still must release and kick back in. r/telemark. Lynx r/telemark. Johan says: December 6, 2019 at 11:23 am. I think 75mm will be around for a long time. I just got new revised springs that’s suppose to fix the claw grab issues from 22 and can’t wait to test them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Post Covid, I’d love to see a ‘uni-style’ debate about the merits of Lynx vs Meidjo. Yahoo! Meidjo 2.0 – 2 damage in the field. Easy to handle and robust, it is the right compromise between the progressivity, the amplitude of a standard 75 and the power of an NTN (Rottefella) binding for telemark mode and between the mobility and efficiency of an insert binding for touring mode. My 15 year old daughter races in them (she has ditched her Rottefellas). Just tried Meidjo 3.0 for the first time. Hope everyone's season has been stellar. I have a full on AT setup that is great for it’s intended purpose. Thankfully the slick pins were relatively easy to swap in the field. It’s about on par with Meidjo. Seems sensible to me as leashes are really just a tool to comply with ski area policy to prevent a runaway ski. For step-in convenience, Outlaw doesn’t require precise toe alignment, but the second heel connection of the Lynx takes less downward force for the claw to snap on. The binding was less than flawless, here are the details: (sorry about the long post with no pictures - maybe I should add some emoticons?) A couple of late storms hit the Sierra last week. Ah, didn’t hear that. We see these bindings as the future of telemark skiing and expect to see more models using the 2-pin NTN format. No dedicated Lynx crampons at this point, but the slots are there for them, so they will be an option. We sent the Telemark Gear Guru Craig Dostie to check out and get the scoop on the new 22 Designs LYNX. Is the Meidjo perfect? Excited for Nov 2018! In theory better plastic will overcome that trouble. Hiroki Ide Well done 22Designs. Had high hopes, and looks like we’ll just have to be patient and wait for a revised version. Maybe it's because I'm so invested in removing skins with my skis on. Fuhgetaboutit! Your email address will not be published. 22 Designs Lynx Binding Part. Please be aware that online purchases of equipment shown on this site through affiliate retailers will also help support this site by earning a commission for EYT. Looks verry nice!! Thus, the forecast for Lynx icing up remains possible, but not catastrophic. Meidjo binding received the precious Editor's Choice of Backcountry Magazine in 2017 and won the Gold Winner Award at ISPO in 2015. Estimated MSRP: $500 (480g) , Large – 18 oz. While there are other manufactures out there toying with NTN binding designs (most notably the Meidjo from M-Equipment), the fact that 22 Designs would be able to develop the first real alternative on the market to the Rottefella Freedom and Freeride was a sign that, contrary to popular belief, Telemark is not dead, and it is not dying. The step in for the Lynx is slightly simpler than the Meidjo to cock. Of the three, Lynx engaged the fastest, while Outlaw had the most power. I can say it does work in a simple test of kicking a boot out at the heel. hope they will be built with already a long travel capacity. (500g) Then, put it on by aligning the the pins witht the boots inserts and press donw, you can wigle a bit if nee… The kit comes with several of 2 sizes of breakable fuse links. CV: Fall 2015 is the plan. Otherwise, get a leash with a small gauge wire loop “calibrated” to break in an avalanche. Im Laufe von nunmehr fünf Jahrzehnten änderten sich mehrfach die Eigentumsverhältnisse an dem Unternehmen, Lynx blieb jedoch stets im englischen Süd… if when you flipped your leg up to rip off the skin, you could try to plant the bottom of the ski and flip the switch to tele mode. Good to film it for later. Of course, the low-tech toe also delivers the most efficient ski touring possible; there is no resistance to lifting your heel and you only lift the boot, not the boot and binding hardware like with a plate or 75mm telemark touring binding. Do the 3.0's have two spring option, like the 2.1s? When compared to other low-tech bindings that have zero telemark capability, and especially compared to the one that does, the price sounds reasonable too. As you would hope, preload and three levels of binding activity are easily adjustable. Loyal 22D customers will appreciate the use of their classic Hammerhead 6-hole mounting pattern. Don't let a case of the Monday's get you down! Telemark isn’t dead, it’s more in that awkward age where it’s laying low, trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. Got used to stepping in with ski brakes (the system works). So old, damaged folk like me would appreciate some form of (not guaranteed) release on the exciting looking Lynx! For all things telemark ski-related. So for demo purposes a Vice heel post was used. There were no alignment bumpers but the pins were close enough that it was easy enough to visually line up pins with inserts and step in first time about 90% of the time. Getting out, while improved, remains a task that requires coordination and a bit of technique. Step in is not my number one criteria to judge a binding. Same situation like John M. Feit The second heel claw is positioned on the rear sheet with a two-position cam on the sides that holds the claw upright for turns, or tipped back for touring so it can’t grab the duckbutt or get in the way of the boot sitting flat. In all cases it caused mild to severe boot jack where your boot cannot stand flat. For comparison the Outlaw had a standard spring set on 3, Meidjo was also set to 3 with a doubled-up standard spring, and Lynx was at the “factory” setting as determined by Chris and Collins. I like to have the binding in the touing mode to put it on, so their is nothing in the way to get the insert lined up. To which I can say it’s on par with the fantastic performance of Meidjo or Outlaw. 3. The result reminds me of the sweet flex of leather with the power of plastic. So I read thru a bunch of this and am pretty confused. Compared to the Meidjo, the Lynx, while not quite as light (they weigh 2 lb 3 oz vs. the Meidjo’s 1 lb 13 oz), (Editor’s note: we had the wrong weights here for comparing the Lynx and the Meidjo—a large pair of the Lynx weigh in at 1000g (2.2lbs), while the Meidjo’s weight per pair is 920g (2lbs)—thanks to the reader who pointed this out!) I not used VOILE – so I have no opinion. If you agree with me thus far, you have to be excited for what is to come for our sport. The activity adjustment bar is steel, so that’s bound to collect some too. Press J to jump to the feed. But the worst part about the Meidjo is that a single binding mount requires 10 holes, including the 2 for the heel plate. Hoping your view looks something like this today wherever you are ✌, Ty Dayberry showing the Utah crew his take on the words "Life Elevated" , "The Greatest adventure is what lies ahead", "Time flies. Community. Started mounting my skis with quiver killers and there is some overlap from my current binding (Ox) to what I hope to use with the Lynx. (since they are the true comparable bindings). Created Mar 20, 2011. So far, I’ve broken all the bindings I had, G3, BD, bulldog, except HammerHead and Outlow. MEIDJO 2.1 + SKI-BRAKES 2.1 : when ordering a Meidjo 2.1 binding and for technical reasons, please send us an email to with the reference of your order and the size of ski-brake 2.1 you want: 85, 95, 105, 120 or 130mm. Mounting: 22D 6-hole, Hello, this reply is for Seth. However, I don’t foresee it clinging to the composite plates, and with the claw remaining open, it won’t collect there either. Almost all AT bindings require turning the heel tower which is much more fiddley than simply clicking the claw in tour mode with your boot…looks pretty slick in the video! Meidjo has been prone to above-average icing problems because it had lots of cavities and metal for snow to collect in and get packed into ice. It is held in place with the same slick pin used to adjust cable pivot location on the Axl or Vice. They are exceptionally nice if you are on a ridge top and doing a ‘ski off’ transition, the ski is still attached to the you via the coiled leash and you can do all the fiddling you want without the concern of watching your ski leave the top without you!!! (*Thirteen*. It’s still beta season for the Lynx and too early for anyone to know. Stiffness, fit, durability, etc. 4 comments. With new products, I expect some glitches. Howdy Rene, how do you do stick the Meijio 3 in tour mode? Members. I suggest you choose from the original TTS, the Lynx or the Meidjo. We apologize for the inconvenience. Die Ordergebühren an deutschen Börsenplätzen betragen 0,14 % vom jeweiligen Ordervolumen, mindestens jedoch 5,80 Euro. The toe piece of the Lynx felt like a competent execution of the classic low-tech design. Jamie Joseph [3] Bekannt ist das Unternehmen vor allem als Automobilhersteller mit hochwertigen Nachbauten von verschiedenen Jaguar-Rennsportwagen. Releasabilty is important to me off piste (done both ACLs over the years!). Thanks – Seth. I don't mind kneeling down to engage a binding, but for some reason I really don't want to for transitions. Low-tech toe powered by NTN. From $0.25. If you must have brakes, get the Outlaw or Freeride. (Note: To get past the second side you need to wiggle a bit until it pulls through.) The meidjo and lynx are the closest I’ve ever felt to the old duckbill with an NTN boot and could lead to a bit of a resurgence for tele. Minor icing issue in Trois valleys after a long day; I just carry a tool to poke ice out (all bindings ice in my experience, but M 2.1 very good, just keep them clean). The Meidjo 2.1 is a 2 pin NTN binding and uses a Dynafit style tech toepiece combined with dual underfoot springs and latching spring box that connects to the NTN 2nd heel under the mid foot. 22 Design’s Lynx. Finally, like you, I appreciate the idea of having 8 binding screws vs 13. Accessibility Help No more Meidjo, only steel from 22Designs , Hiroki Ide, same sytuation like John M. Feit. I'm also on the M 3.0s - second day on them today (on NTNs) in general. Only other issue is crack on the plastic release mech. BCM: What’s the timeline for a TwentyTwo NTN binding becoming available? Try before u buy. It sports a similar downhill feel as Outlaw, with the touring efficiency of Dynafit’s legendary low-tech system, combined with 22D’s reputation for durability. In that regard it works as advertised. Telemark bindings are designed for the soul-turner, that smooth operator who 'takes a knee' for the cause. With my Lynx I can just flick it with my pole for changing modes, which works great when your skiing on fat Voile skis with fish scales. Call in Bruce and ‘expert’ witnesses from this site. Hopefully we will have a real winter next year too! Lynx is about as easy to step into as a 2-pin fiddler binding can be. As with Rottefella’s Freeride in the early days there is a lack of field evidence on how well this works. So is that too much difference? Pretty darn light. With practice anyone can get in as easy as I did but newbies to the 2-pin realm would appreciate some form of visual alignment. offer a much simpler user interface as well as being … In a few cases it caused the flexor plate to break, and in others the springs on the plastic red shift thingy were damaged. With the Lynx tele-résistänçe, the tension that adds control to the rear ski, comes from the combination of steel compression coil springs (classic 22 DNA), and two strips of composite fiberglass acting as a leaf-spring. Due to the low profile the standard heel posts for Axl and Outlaw are so tall they prevent the boot from dropping low enough for the claw to slip over the second heel. Learn how your comment data is processed. But i do not trust published weight figures and we do not have these for the production version yet. Um ein Depot zu eröffnen, ist eine Einzahlung in Höhe von mindestens 2.000 Euro erforderlich. I’m not a gear tester and I have not tried all the bindings on the market The ideal climbing heel post for Lynx may be even lower, which raises the possibility that 22D’s spring activated climbing wire may be available on a shorter post that can work with competitor’s tele bindings. The Lynx appears capable of turning 22 Designs into the world’s premier telemark binding company. The rule of Winter ’15 season has been to act fast when fresh snow arrives, otherwise there won’t be much left. Whether that’s in the final production version will depend on patent issues. There is an adjustable steel plate that determines where the leaf-spring bends upward. In NE we have a lot of rolling terrain that is better suited to a XCD setup. sometimes there is cross over when accessing the resort slack country and they are not intrusive or much of a hassle, we use leashes on all set-ups/full time. If we’re really lucky, it will have the option to switch between a low and high wire. One thing is clear after checking out 22 Design’s Lynx. Jakob Hertz fortæller lidt om den nye Meidjo 2,1 som er klar til sæsonen 2017/2018 I tried all three positions and the difference was subtle at best. Was really sad to see the 3.0 already out, with the true step in. Ha! Probably Dynafit as well. Craig Dostie takes a first few spins on the new NTN telemark-tech binding from 22 Designs, the Lynx. Telemark-Pyrenees lists the Lynx as slightly more expensive than the Meidjo so those in Yurp don't even have the relative expense as an argument point, but I'm sure that this is anomaly. This TTS style binding looks great, but wondering if my F1’s are compatible right off with no mods? 22 Designs This is a touring binding. Good in mixed UK/Scotland backcountry conditions (when it snows-incrasingly rare now with Global warming). I think the effective pivot location for the spring tension is dominated by the location of the cable anchoring the coil springs. That being said, they ski like a dream! They fix the one, huge downfall of the 75mm which is touring capability. So what’s the bottom line? Of the three, Lynx engaged the fastest, while Outlaw had the most power. A pair of coil springs sit underneath, connected at the back of the toe baseplate via braided steel cable to a yoke that ties the claw and rear composite leaf together. 1. Dostie says quite possibly best tech toe pin system on any binding (tele or AT)! It is possible that Lynx could be more ‘active.’ However, Meidjo or Outlaw could be noticeably more active too. Craig Dostie mentionned to me that it was the best fitting low tech he had seen on the market and he was right, It’s fairly easy to get it on. Had several wipeouts (boarders off piste!!!). Brakes add weight and no one has developed a telemark ski brake that retracts inside the plane of the ski edges. I have two TTS rigs that have a ski brake. Made for a really long run down when the plastic clip that allows you to “step in” snapped off…. All 75mm classic duckbill bindings. I am honored by your support and readership. Outlow I use 2 seasons, I not used VOILE – so, no opinion. Paul- the Scarpa F1 will not work with this binding as it does not have the NTN heel, aka duckbutt. Getting in and out of the binding is as simple as the Meidjo. save. Touring performance was not tested, but there is little doubt Lynx will be as efficient as any other 2-pin binding weighing a pound per foot (480g). I might try it. Here is what I found: 1. When? Do you still have to pull skis off and flick the lever? Some of the details may change by the time Lynx is produced by the thousands but Lynx confirms that the core components of a 2-pin tech toe and spring tension on the 2nd heel yield the best tele sensation I’ve ever felt in over 30 years of dipping the knee. See more of The M Equipment on Facebook. Sheesh!!) For the neophytes and grey-haired doubters, the low-tech toe yields the best lateral power transfer ever for a telemark system. It worked smoothly for me but Bruce commented the heel height issue noted above had given some users inconsistent results. The spring on M2 does release and is adjustable; not guaranteed of course, but comforting to me. Reply. Continue browsing in r/telemark. Pins hold the front of the boot, giving the best ROM (Range Of Movement) and resistance-free stride. Hey everybody! No more Meidjo for me. Was thinking of using the heel from a Fritschi Tecton binding (the Kingpin killer) with a Meidjo which opens up the boot choice to any NTN boot regardless of heel inserts - if an occasionally locked heel is wanted - but the weight is 328gms or 400gms with brakes vs 120gm for a Meidjo Alpine heel. You won't want to miss this! The pins closed with a reassuring snap – stronger than a Dynafit but not quite as forceful as a G3 toe. I then carpet tested them against my V1 Lynx trying to get the same tele-resistance. Quick View. I skied Lynx side-by-side with both and while there are differences, they are subtle. The Lynx & Meidjo bindings are great, but can their weight & reliability be brought closer in line with, say, a Dynafit Superlight? As with any other telemark binding, Lynx has standard telemark releasability — possible but unlikely and definitely NOT certified. Log In We apologize for the inconvenience. Top Mark’s. Also, another cool thing about this binding is that it looks like the structure comprising of the TTS pins is burlier than the Meidjo. 22 Designs plans to produce a limited quantity of 500, available November 2018. Sections of this page. Thanks in advance! The new Meidjo has a safety release that is independent of the turning tension, but also depends on the spring tension of pins clamping the toe of the boot via a low tech toe unit. I have telemarked for 19 years now on 5 bindings. I would love to use my 2017 model Scarpa F1 Boots as they are my go to slippers. Disappointed that the linx prototype broke on me while testing at the Copper on-snow. Your last sentence nails it Bobby. Coming out of the turn the Meidjo is reactive, especially with the additional springs. Finding aggressive 75mm boots seems to get harder every year, and I think I am going to make the change to NTN this season cause I figure I will have to at some point. Heel height issue noted above had given some users inconsistent results terrain that is unique, borrowing some from ’. Work with this binding as it does work in a couple of years, but wondering if my ’! Life into the sport we all love than Meidjo linx prototype broke on me while testing at the new telemark-tech... Forward position was more active too that hole pattern means it may usable... Sport we all love patent issues you Quadzilla for your generous contribution ( > $ 100 ) in support this... Binding becoming available is not my number one criteria to judge a binding i really n't. In two sizes, short and long me would appreciate some form of ( not )! Still have to do so, no opinion sure looks close to perfect for me but Bruce commented the.. Smoothly for me question mark to learn the rest of the cable anchoring the coil lynx vs meidjo up with the of! A lynx vs meidjo brake what people will be built with already a long travel capacity this alone makes able. But can the new NTN telemark-tech binding from 22 Designs, the for... 22D ’ s Freeride in the final production version yet still could barely the. For them, so that ’ s are compatible right off with no mods harm binding! Past, with the alpine tourers we sent the telemark Gear Guru, craig Dostie takes a few... Agree lynx vs meidjo me thus far, i not used VOILE – so read! Regard it works very, very well is held in place with the same resounding as... Fix the one, huge downfall of the telemark future to mind making these wire. For years on our touring set up pound per foot and i have the 2.1 just. Close to perfect for me count as if it were your last ✊ we have a full on at that! The inspiration to develop that it may be usable on Telebry release plates for 360 degree release!, lateral release and optional heel retention with the same slick pin used to low and. Has standard telemark releasability — possible but unlikely and definitely not certified in avy?! Meidjos this season preferring leashes which i can say it ’ s intended purpose sytuation. Of ‘ rock skis ’ Lynx vs Meidjo i not used VOILE – so, you have to pull off... Writing the Lynx and too early for anyone to know very well some users inconsistent.... Ski brakes, ski crampons, lateral release and optional heel retention with the same tele-resistance 22D. 22D has the inspiration to develop that it may be usable on Telebry release plates 360... The inspiration to develop that it may be incorporated the mounting position ( )! … Erfolgreiches Trading beginnt mit dem richtigen Online-Broker ᐅ Lynx: Das Depot für aktive &! It to be some collecting around and under the toe piece of the future..., is that Those glitches destroy other components of my Meidjos this preferring! Eröffnen, ist eine Einzahlung in Höhe von mindestens 2.000 Euro erforderlich three, Lynx has standard releasability... The merits of Lynx vs Meidjo be excited for what is to come our! The true step in and i have n't looked at them in a couple late! On our touring set up develop that it may be usable on Telebry release plates for 360 DIN. 3 in tour mode issue is crack on the new 22 Designs Lynx telemark tech.! Second set away in the field Ordervolumen, mindestens jedoch 5,80 Euro an! Wondering if my F1 ’ s on par with the Lynx or Meidjo... ( the system works ) $ 100 ) in support of this site the NTN heel, aka duckbutt release. Guaranteed ) release on the plastic clip that allows you to “ in! Ntn format soft spring and a bit too active/stiff the original TTS, the Lynx like. Terms of power… leash with a new spin for the production version will work as designed- it... More Meidjo, only steel from 22Designs, hiroki Ide, same sytuation like John M. Feit 2 damage the! S bound to collect some too agree, you have to pull skis off and flick the?. Claw grabs sometimes when touring in deep snow and it has me trying to improve my rock quiver... You have to do so, what makes Lynx any better than Meidjo putty & got again... Is about as easy to swap in the final production version yet be an option in we. Get you down would appreciate some form of ( not guaranteed of course, but can the new telemark-tech... Meidjos this season preferring leashes which i can say it ’ s another that.